Helena Eenok

Founder / Lead project coordinator

As founder of the Outsource Estonia project, Helena directs all business development initiatives, also helping to develop new and existing client partnerships.
Helena brings over a decade of digital marketing experience to Outsource Estonia, which includes work as a CEO of a marketing company, being an analyst in one of the biggest online portals in Baltic states and many other groundbreaking marketing events and projects during her career.

Raul Steinberg


As the co-owner of Outsource Estonia project, Raul is responsible for communication, marketing and networking.
Raul is an eager learner with an entrepreneurial spirit and has a background in social media marketing.

About us

We have a true desire to make a positive difference by building community of trustworthy companies, large and small, whose services we can proudly offer to our clients abroad.

Located in Tallinn, Estonia, we offer local support to resolve all challenges of outsourcing. Founded in May 2017.