16.01 2018

Estonian company develops unmanned helicopter

There are eleven million kilometres of power lines in Europe. The state of most of these is checked on foot, by vehicle in more trafficable places and only 2 percent by manned copter or plane. The work is time-consuming and expensive, but Estonian start-up Hepta Airborne is developing a solution that would make the life of network and consultation companies a lot easier.

Hepta Airborne is developing an unmanned copter, sensors and a software platform for air monitoring activities. These are used to help carry out monitoring activities in the air – there are no providers of this kind of service and technology in the near region. “We came to this idea when we used a manned copter for monitoring activities. However, the work hour of the copter is expensive. That is why we started to look for ways how to make the monitoring activities more efficient. Although we considered satellites, line robots and battery-based drones, we ended up at the solution of autonomously functioning unmanned copter,” explained Hepta Airborne CEO Henri Klemmer.

A longer flight time unlike usual drones
The drone built by Hepta Airborne stays in the air for six hours and can cover 600 kilometres. The drone works and gathers information on power networks autonomously, which means that people do not have to guide it. A push of button is all it takes and the machine begins to work.

Emphasis on monitoring of overhead transmission lines, but there are other uses
The company foresees that the platform is mainly used in the monitoring of overhead transmission lines, but does not rule out other economic fields. “The first ones who are interested are, for example, from law enforcement organisations, the field of forestry and agriculture, also from research institutions,” said Klemmer.


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Zubax Robotics wins international competition for startups

Let’s talk about aerospace technology! Not a month will go by without exciting news from Estonian startup landscape. Estonian company Zubax Robotics won the PowerUp! – biggest competition for energy startups in Central and Eastern Europe.

PowerUp! grand final was held in Prague, Czech Republic on 19th of June 2018.

Country Finals was organized in 15 European countries – winner of each Country Final was invited to the Grand Final.

26.10 2018 Startup

Estonians sold ZeroTurnaround

The USA software company Rogue Wave bought Estonian start-up ZeroTurnaround.

The software company ZeroTurnaround which was founded ten years ago offers a product for Java software developers which helps the programmers to save a lot of time.

16.01 2018 Startup

TransferWise launches virtual account and debit card for private clients

The Estonian-founded money transfer company TransferWise launches a borderless virtual account and Mastercard debit card which are meant for private clients. As of today, the first one thousand clients of TransferWise can use the new service. In the coming weeks, thousands of clients more will receive an invitation to test the debit card. The service will opened for everyone in the first quarter of 2018.

16.01 2018 Startup