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Outsource Estonia

Estonia has Prime Location

Come by sailing boat, ferry, plane or train. Estonia is easy to access and has less than a quarter day drive to every point of action.

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Home of SKYPE

NATO trusts us. Estonian capital Tallinn is home of NATO's Cyber Defence Centre. Wall of fame include also Skype, Transferwise, Pipedrive, Cloutex, Grabcad, Erply, Fortumo and many more.

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100% internet coverage

Estonia is covered almost 50% forest and has over 2000 islands, but internet is accessible everywhere

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Berlin, LONDON, Silicon Valley, TALLINN

Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, is now mentioned in the same breath as Berlin, London and even Silicon Valley.

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Best English speakers in Europe

Estonians tend to be at least bilingual and according to recent studies, are among the best English speakers in Europe.

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Productive nature lovers

Estonians are spiritual and come with a tree-hugging trait. We are positive, calm and productive people. Re-cycling is in and we don’t waste time or money and always try to optimize.

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Cool place to order

Estonia's capital Tallinn is the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe, not your regular tech hub. Cool place to order and visit!

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There has been a strong emphasis on making Estonia a world leader in technology, leading some to speak of an "e-economy".

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World record in start-ups

According to one estimate, Estonia holds the world record in start-ups per person. Maybe you want to move here?

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If you need any help

We are here to help and to keep track that you are satisfied with your partner and that the outcome is exactly what you are looking for. If this is not the case for any reason, we are here to solve any issue and if necessary, provide you a new partner.

Client testimonials

I have been outsourcing from Estonia for nearly 3 years in the startup context, meaning not too much money to throw around.

When it comes to business culture, Estonians  are known for being reserved and professional.  They are prepared for hard work, and know how to respect a deadline.
I find that Estonia is still being discovered as an excellent place for outsourcing, so this is the right time to find your long term partners.
Julien Henderson
Lead Software Developer

Frequently asked questions

We ask for the project description and your contact information. Please fill in these fields here.

After receiving the inquiry, we will get in touch with you via e-mail and offer the most suitable cooperation partner in Estonia. Then you can communicate directly and the cooperation partner can make you a precise price offer after which you can decide if you want to order the service.

We focus on the offers of IT, design and video service, but we can also help you in finding cooperation partners in other fields. Please send your inquiry to the e-mail address and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

The team of Outsource Estonia is always there for you to offer local support when communicating with Estonian partners. We will help you to solve any matters.

The price depends on the number of work hours, the service you ordered and the work volume. The partner will send you a price offer and you can negotiate the price directly without the interference/mediation of Outsource Estonia.

That is not necessary, meetings with partner companies can be held using Skype video chat. All of our specialists of partner companies are fluent in English. If you want, you are welcome to visit Estonia, of course. The team of Outsource Estonia welcomes you with open arms and helps you to find a suitable partner here.

Outsource Estonia is a mediator and we do not interfere in the ordering or the work process. However, we monitor carefully that the list of our partners includes only companies and freelancers who have already proven themselves and who are the best in the field.

Our partner companies are the largest IT, design and video producing companies in Estonia. In addition, we offer the services of experienced and professional freelancers for carrying out smaller projects.